I just wanted to let you guys know how happy I am with Holly. She is a true pleasure to be around. She does great inside the house with my wife but then knows how to turn it on when it comes time to hunt. She has a very high hunting drive and will be a great hunting companion for years to come. She knows how to settle down when not in the field and has great obedience and is very well mannered. She is a true pleasure to be around in every situation including the home and field. Anyone considering using Grassland Labradors
 please feel free to contact me with any questions because I can not say enough good things about them. I would highly recommend Grassland Labradors to anyone! Thank you so much for the great addition to our family!

Jon Wills

Grassland Labradors                       

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Hear what our clients have to say!
Bandit, He is from our 2011 Litter!

I bought this photo of Bandit...
I think it is the best one I saw taken at the event! A 9 month old
Grassland Lab pup at his first Hunt Test!  Breed for drive, desire, and
trainability. We finished up David's  pheasant card today.. Bandit was awesome!  We had our 3 birds in 15 mins.  He sat on
his own on every flush, rock steady on shot and fall of bird, and of course delivered them all to hand.  I wish I brought a video camera with us.  When I tell people about him sitting to flush
and not breaking at 9 months old, people look at me in disbelief!  Its true and sure pretty to watch!

Hey guys just wanted to let you know I have seen some of your breedings  and let me just say I am quite impressed I have seen Davids dog Bandit actually trained with him and Greg at Denverton before the Sagehens hunt test very nice dog and I have seen your next litter with Greg Houser and Rhonna  Dias they are nice puppies..... great to see that you are breeding quality field dogs in the valley! 

Bill St.Clair

This is Issa, She is a pup from our 2012 litter! 

 I am not sure what more I can say about this fantastic puppy!  She does everything I ask, she is fearless and driven, and smarter than most people.  Everyone that meets her wants her,
I am so enjoying the journey !!

Rhonna Dias

Thanks so much for everything. My dog Tex has a tremendous desire to retrieve and please. He has been a pleasure to train and EXCELS at everything from Upland to Advanced Blinds. Tex is the smartest and most loyal dog I have ever owned.
Jared Rocha - www.rocharetreivers.com

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