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Stud Dogs
Grassland Labradors is excited to announce our next stud dog choice for 2013! 


Timber has earned his HRCH at 24 months with a perfect record of 2/2 in Started, 3/3 in Seasoned, and 4/4 in Finished.
He currently is 10/10 in Finished.  He earned his MH at 36 months by going 6/6 in Masters.
He ran 4 weekends in a row to obtain this title and Qualify for the 2013 Master National.
Along with being an HRCH MH he also has earned a Qual 3rd and Reserve JAM in the only 2 Quals he has ran.

Timber is 65# of GO! Timber is a very level headed dog with a TON of 
horsepower.  Timber is a true team player on blinds but marking is 
truly his strongest trait.  He is cool calm and collected at the line 
but kicks up dirt when he leaves.  When he's not out training, running 
a trial/test, or hunting then he's in a ball next to the lazy boy at 
home. He has been a house pet from the day he came home and truly has 
a great "off switch". Timber is yet to fail an HRC or AKC Hunt Test 
and has 2 Qual placements.  He will be continuing to pursue a career 
in  Field Trials.

Matt Gasaway
River Bottom Retrievers

HRCH River Bottom Riparian Backwater DOB: 5/17/10 SR62348008





Normal CERF


EIC Clear

CNM Clear

FC Riparian Windfall

FC AFC Blackwater Rudy

FC AFC Blackwater Bart II

Little Misty of Tulsa QAA

FC AFC Riparian Mariah

FC AFC Black Gold’s Kates Rascal

FC AFC CFC Del’s-Hi-Kasie

HRCH Drenicks Castile Creek Allie MH

FC AFC HRCH Taylorlabs Downtown Dusty Brown MH

FC AFC Calumets Super Sonic

CFC CAFC Clubmeads Autumn Breeze MH

SRS Dynamites Ms Yankee Rebel MH MNH5

FC AFC Rebel With A Cause

FC AFC Call Me Yankee Doodle Dandy


                                                                                   Rippin' Ford Tough QAA

                                                                             Qualified All Age

                                                                           YELLOW Factored 

                                                                           OFA CHIC Certified #51989 DNA PROFILE V404706

                                                                                                                                            Both Parents CNM Clear


                                                                                       SIRE: FC AFC Fordland's Bored Out Ford (2011 Retriever Hall of Fame)

                                                                DAM: FC AFC JB'S So Rude

Full Brother to FC AFC My Name is Bocephus, FC AFC Drove My Chevy to the Levee, FC AFC JB's Rude Attitude

Registration: SR20732306 (AKC) Sire: SN44259108  
Sex: M *Titles:
Color: BLACK CHIC #: 51989
Birthdate: Sep 18 2004 Addtl. Reg. #
DNA Profile:    


 OFA Number  Registry   Test/Film
 Report Date   Age   Final Conclusion 
LR-163977G25M-VPI HIPS Nov 7 2006 Nov 30 2006 25 GOOD
LR-49465 CERF Aug 15 2007 Aug 15 2007 * 35 TESTED: 07
LR-EL40121M45-VPI ELBOW Jul 8 2008 Jul 25 2008 45 NORMAL

Rip is owned by Tammy Bell of Ragin Retrievers. He is FC/AFC x FC/AFC bred.

His sire is FC/AFC “Ford” who was recently inducted into the

Retriever Hall of Fame. Rip’s is a black (yellow factored) hard charging,

80 to 85 lb, has a wide chest, big bone structure, nice head, and a thick shiny

coat. With limited breeding, Rip is producing pups that are showing lots of

retrieving desire! (References available on some of Rips offspring). Go to

Tammy’s web-site below to check out pictures and information on this

great looking retriever!

GRHRCH UH MCMac Magic Eyes A'Smilin MH : 

O'Malley with Trainer/Handler Chris Jobman - Flatlander Kennels
Owner: Libby Milroy and Ron Green DVM -

O'Malley is an extremely fast and athletic 70 lb. marking machine. He is rock steady and very level headed making him a true joy to run and train. O'Malley has an outstanding pedigree and it shows in his overall talent. He is an unbelievable marker and an exceptional blind runner. O'Malley runs beautiful lines and does everything with pure speed. He is extremely light on his feet and is a true athlete. If you are looking to put speed and athletic ability into your breeding program O'Malley is your man!

For More information on O'Malley please feel free to visit the website of Flatlander Kennels at :
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