Grassland Labradors                       

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Our Females

We are committed to producing field Labradors with outstanding natural abilities.
To do so, we select our breeding stock only from the finest field trial and hunt test stock available. This enabled us to not only produce physically sound dogs, but dogs with the natural abilities to make great Field Trial and Hunt Test competitors.

                            "Dixie"                                                                       "Abby"
             Grassland's Hot Lil Dixie Chick JH                         Creamlevel's TNT Grassland Renegade JH
             OFA Hips: LR-183881E29F-PI                                   OFA Hips: LR-160583G24F-PI
             Eye CERF: LR-53459/2009--21                                     Eye CERF: LR-45999/2006
             OFA Elbow: LR-EL44864F29-PI                                 OFA Elbow: LR-EL31304F24-PI     
               CNM: LR-CNM09-151-F-PIV                                           AKC reg: SR17364307
                      EIC: D09-004054 

          Grassland's Remington Sky Buster
Grassland's Hot lil Dixie Chick JH: 

Sire: NFC-FC-AFC Clubmead's Road Warrior

Dame: UH-HRCH Ramblin Man's Jade of Honor MH

Grandfathers: NAFC-FC-AFC Carbon Copy Horn Creek & NAFC-FC-AFC Candlewood's Ramblin Man

Dixie is a black female, black factored

She is a very intelligent, highly focused, hard charging female. She only has 1 gear and that's "High". She has the work ethic of very few females and is a joy to watch and work!

Dixie is approx. 65 Lbs. and can cover a field before you can load your gun. This girl also has a fantastic nose for birds which makes her a great companion for upland hunting!

Grassland's Remington Sky Buster:
Sire: FC-AFC Land Ahoy

Dame: TNT Drifter's Blast of Kyanne

Grandfathers: FC Fargo II and High Sierra Jazz's Drifter MH

Remi is a chocolate female.

Remi is a high energy fetching machine! She is approx. 60 Lbs. and has incredible stamina and desire. Her nose can find anything she is looking for, and she WONT quit till she finds it!

Remi has been sold and is currently in training to become a part of the Merced County Sheriff's Department K-9 unit. We are so proud of her! She is an amazing dog!

Creamlevel's TNT Grassland Renegade JH:

Sire: FC-AFC Yellowstone's TNT Explosion

Dame: Creamlevel's Cher Cropper SH

Grandfathers: NAFC-FC M.D's Cotton pick'n Cropper, NAFC-FC Cody R Dee & FC-AFC Candlewoods MD Houston

Abby is a yellow female with all three factors; Black, Yellow and Chocolate.
She is an excellent marker with intense focus. She is as hard charging with an aggressive water entry as any other dog I have seen!
Abby is what I consider one of those "One of a kind dogs!" She is 70 Lbs and has long legs built for speed. She is a high powered female with an exceptional Pedigree to match.

Abby has been sold.
It was my pleasure to run and play with Abby. She is a great dog on the line and in the field. I will miss her greatly! She has retired and been sold to a gentleman that loves her as much as we do!

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